20 Last Minute Ideas To Set As Goals For The New Year

It is almost 2018 and another year is about to end so fast, or maybe so slow. For most people, this is the time to retrospect the last year and make plans for the upcoming year. How did the year go and how the new year should go? With the new year comes the excitement and prospect of something new coming into our lives. So this is definitely the right time to make new goals for new the year.

What should I aim for?
What should I aim for?

This is the time to sit down and connect with yourself if you haven’t already done so. This is the time to reflect upon the past year and create resolutions for the coming year. What would you like to achieve next year? What are your goals for the new year? What would be the idea of a perfectly spent year? It’s about time to take in charge of your life more!

So, to help you identify some good goals, what follows is a list of ideas, the last minute goals, that maybe you can set as goals for the new year. The list is not an all comprehensive one and you can definitely add your own goals to mix with some of the goals listed below.

Last Minute Goals For The New Year

  1. Exercise at least 3 times of the week which would roughly be equivalent to 168 days of the year.
  2. Set a goal to go one or more months of vegetarian or a vegan diet.
  3. Do you smoke or drink quite frequently? Go 2 or 3 months without drinking/smoking.
  4. Track your expenses.
  5. Spend x amount of money on investment.
  6. Save x amount of money.
  7. Identify your negative traits like over spending, being too lazy, procrastinating, complaining or worrying and decide to work on two or three of them this year.
  8. Read x number of books.
  9. Learn to cook x number of different varieties of food that you have never cooked before.
  10. Start at least one side hustle business.
  11. Create more time to follow your passion; writing, singing, playing, painting, designing or whatever it may be.
  12. Attend x number of workshops. They can be related to your profession or just any other useful topic. Make good use of them.
  13. Donate x amount of money for a good cause.
  14. Travel to x number of new destinations this year.
  15. Spend more quality time with your family and loved ones.
  16. Set time to connect with old friends.
  17. Learn one or more new skills like swimming, dancing, public speaking or playing ukulele.
  18. Learn skills that relate to your professional life and career development.
  19. Meditate for x number of minutes everyday.
  20. Practice expressing yourself artistically rather than reacting compulsively.

Change your definition of who you are, become something more of you this coming year.

Good luck and a happy new year 2018!