Getting File Content using GIT Hub API

The GIT Hub itself has a fairly complete tutorial for accessing GIT hub uploaded files. However, I think it can still use some little extra explanation. Make sure you get the following steps right for this: Depending upon master/branch, get your URL for the repository ready first. Next, get the correct header inserted into... » read more

A Knight’s Watch
A Knight’s Watch

Recently I came across this interesting problem through Toptal (on Codility) which kept me thinking hard for a few days. Finally, I now have a solution to this problem and would like to share it here. Problem: Basically, the problem deals with a knight piece on an infinite chess board. Assuming the knight is positioned... » read more

7 Handy SQL Scripts for SQL Developers

Finally got my article published at Tuts+ I had written this article “7 Handy SQL Scripts for SQL Developers” referencing some of the common scripts that I most frequently use @ work. Some of these scripts were collected from different sites while some were developed by myself. ———————————————————————————— “A lot of things that we do... » read more