Month: August 2017

How To Create A WordPress Blog From R Markdown?

Creating a WordPress blog directly from R Studio The library packages that you would need for this purpose are: RWordPress knitr library(RWordPress) library(knitr) You can download RWordPress¬† package from Git hub. After you have the libraries loaded, you need to set up access to your wordpress site. For that, you will need: XML-RPC of your […]

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First Exploratory Data Analysis on Kaggle

Here’s link to my first Exploratory Data Analysis Kernel on Kaggle. The data set was for Emergency (911) Calls: Fire, Traffic, EMS for Montgomery County, PA. I have used “ggplot2” and “sqldf” R packages on most parts to perform data analysis and exploration for this project. Check it out!    

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Color Usage In Data Analysis

Data Visualization is an integral part of Data Science and Data Analysis. It is a way of beautifully presenting information rather than using traditional spreadsheets and reports. Humans, by nature, can more easily process information when provided with beautiful visualization as our brains are designed this way. By the use of right visualization, we can […]

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