Affiliate Marketing

I know this is not a new topic in today’s world but despite the fame of this idea, I hadn’t really looked into the details of how things work in this domain until now. I had been seeing a lot of posts/sites/articles all around the internet where people claim to be making this much money (like thousands of dollars and even millions of dollars) just using their blogs and sites. I always had a doubt whether this was true.

But recently, I came across a guy, a friend of friend of mine who is really doing this business. A real person and not just a thread on the internet! Well, he doesn’t claim to be making a lot of money like Charles NGO does (, but nevertheless, from what he says, he is making quite a lot (as compared to what I am earning doing a full time job as a programmer).

So, this aroused in me a curiosity whether I too could get into Affiliate Marketing and earn some extra bucks:).

So yesterday I started looking into this topic, read a few articles, watched a few videos and came to this conclusion: It is definitely possible to for me or anyone like me to start making money using Affiliate Programs.

From what I have understood, the things that one would require to start this program are:

1) Signing up with Affiliate Program: This is basically the company that will pay you money for promoting your company. So, what type of company would you promote? Basically it is advised that you promote companies of the domain that you are familiar with so that it would be easier for you to write about it. After thinking for a while about what things could I promote, I came up with this topic: “Guitars”. Since I have been playing music for about hmm almost 10 years, I have a pretty good library of this domain build up in my head. Then I googled if affiliate programs exist in this domain and VOILA! Lots of results!

2) A Good Working Site: This is a place where you would be promoting other businesses. It’s very easy to set up blogs these days (both free which are provided by blogger/wordpress or in a domain of your own). What is important here is that you got be able to create a lot of good contents. Things that would draw people to your site. Now you might think this is not that difficult right? Like you would say I can easily come up with contents with topics like:

a) acoustic fingerstyle or electric guitar?

b) how to start learning guitar?

c) know your playing styles
-> different styles
-> popular musicians in each styles
etc. etc.

Well, I am not saying these are bad ideas but one must understand that people have been doing this and writing about similar topics since 2002 (at least 2002 because I found a site that claims so):
The quality of the content in the sites like mentioned above and below are also quite good.
Other similar sites:

I am not sure if all of these sites are involved with Affiliate Programs but still they already do have contents that you might think of writing about.
Please keep in mind that I am not mentioning these facts as statements of discouragement but only to bring to light that good content is very important to bring visitors to your site.

3) A paypal account: This is where you get your money collected, where all the good things happen.

Once you have these geared up, you are ready to start your business in the world of Affiliate Marketing.