Uploading Unknown Format Excel File To A SQL Database
Uploading Unknown Format Excel File To A SQL Database

Introduction Usually it is expected from client side to upload only structured Excel sheets (sheet with defined Column Names and data types for Rows) to load to server. But sometimes you might also require to dump whatever is in the Excel directly to your database. While there is a tool that is provided by SQL... » read more

Post on ASP.NET Web API

Here are links to my two other posts which were published on TutsPlus. Introduction to ASP.NET Web API Securing the Web API You can find the full code in my git repo. Thanks!        

Automating Development in ASP.NET MVC

Inspired by rapid development framework Artisan in Laravel for PHP, I am thinking maybe we (.NET developers) can do something similar in our environment as well. http://laravel.com/docs/5.0/artisan Basically I am thinking of automating the whole process of creating Repository classes (including required entries for properties and fields), Model classes,  Service layer (layer where you put... » read more

Flat File Splitter

At work the other day, I needed to write a program for splitting a text file (.txt) to smaller pieces. The file that we received from our client was a flat file of size of about 2.5 GB. I needed to import the contents of the file to our SQL Server database.  Since the file... » read more