Automating Development in ASP.NET MVC

Inspired by rapid development framework Artisan in Laravel for PHP, I am thinking maybe we (.NET developers) can do something similar in our environment as well. Basically I am thinking of automating the whole process of creating Repository classes (including required entries for properties and fields), Model classes,  Service layer (layer where you put... » read more

Drawing Basic Patterns In Canvas

Begin with drawing a simple rectangular blue box like this:          function drawScreen() {  ;            drawPattern();            context.restore();        }        function drawPattern() {            context.fillStyle = “blue”; //   ... » read more

Basic Setup for HTML Canvas

This is a basic setup for starting any project in HTML5 CANVAS and Javascript.The script that is being used is Modernizer.js which is is a JavaScript library that detects HTML5 and CSS3 features in the user’s browser.         Canvas Study     http://modernizr.js                  ... » read more

Affiliate Marketing

I know this is not a new topic in today’s world but despite the fame of this idea, I hadn’t really looked into the details of how things work in this domain until now. I had been seeing a lot of posts/sites/articles all around the internet where people claim to be making this much money... » read more

2 important things to keep in mind before jumping into development:
2 important things to keep in mind before jumping into development:

1) Understand their requirement completely.  Maybe a simple desktop application or MS-ACCESS data application is what your client needs. Now if you design a hi-fi web application, something that is responsive and mobile friendly, built with superb grids, making ajax calls and what not, imagine all the development time and development cost that you are... » read more

Android: Updating View from Background Thread

Issue: android.view.ViewRoot$CalledFromWrongThreadException: Only the original thread that created a view hierarchy can touch its views.   For a small game application that I am currently working on, I needed to change the display text at certain intervals of time. Initially I tried to simply update the view(UI) using a timer class that runs after every... » read more


“Errors in the metadata manager. The ‘Report Metrics’ (some name) measure group has more than one distinct count measure.”   When you create a new measure that uses ‘Distinct Count’, Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) automatically creates a new measure group for you. But when you try to change the usage of an existing measure... » read more