Freelance Developers Now Earn Through Writing

Since popular freelancing sites are overrated, today I would like to share with you guys one another way to generate extra income.

Freelance Writing!

Get paid to write articles and tutorials.

There are tons of sites on the internet that are craving for excellent content to be published on their sites.

Writers In Charge lists 110 such sites for freelancer writers. These sites pay anywhere between 50 to 300 Dollars per article which I believe  is way way better than many of the freelancing jobs where developers have to battle among one another to get paid in nuts like 5 and 10 dollars.

Here I would like to list some sites which are excellent platforms specifically for Developers/Designers to write and get published.


You can submit articles and tutorials about any programming language. I have seen people write about Javascript frameworks, .NET, SQL, WordPress and Game Development and many other topics.

Even I have written few articles for them!

You’ll be paid $100 for a quick tip tutorial and $250 for a regular tutorial; if you are a high profile author/educator, you could earn more.

Smashing Magazine

Based in Freiburg, Germany, Smashing Magazine works with writers from all over the world.They accept articles about web development and web design, and they would prefer a rough draft of your article if you have it already.

Again developers from many different backgrounds can write and publish their articles here. Smashing Magazine even publishes e-book where your article could get published!


SitePoint pays $150 for articles and $200 for tutorials and are even willing to pay more quality posts. They focus articles mainly on HTML, CSS and Javascript technologies. But they seem to have posts on mobile development and even Entrepreneurship topics so I guess they take any good topic as their content to publish.

Developer Tutorials

You can submit articles about anything related to design, programming, marketing, management and business tips. They have a preference for list articles and prefer tutorials to be at least 1,000 words.


Codingsight is a community platform created and maintained by Devart.They accept articles on SQL Server, Azure, MySql and .NET topics from writers. Besides getting payments, writers also get benefit of up to 3 licenses for any Devart product: one license for a published article

So, this is just a small list of platforms where programmers, developers and designers from any background can write and get paid for their content. I am pretty sure there are many more than listed here available on the web.

Please feel free to add any other platforms that you guys know on the comments below.