Nepal’s Election 2017

Onset Of A Better Nepal

It is a general belief that politics is dirty in the world, more so in South-East Asia.

Looking at it from a different perspective, some philosophers and quantum physicists have said that whatever we deeply believe in, materializes physically. Thoughts become our reality.

With this consent, I would like to propose that instead of hate, disbelief and distrust in politicians, we should instead believe in politicians and support in the actions that they do. With faith, respect and trust, a day will come when our politicians truly work for the society instead of bribery, corruptness, nepotism and harm to the society.

Let us from now onward take a step to praise the smallest of any good done by any politicians in every manner.

This small step will definitely do miracles in their thoughts to do even more good.

Infographics for Nepal's Election 2017
Infographics for Nepal’s Election 2017