On Becoming Passionately Curious

Now how do you get curious? How do you become passionately curious about anything?

Well, look around you. Look at the wonder around you.

Pick up anything.

Contemplate upon it’s Past, Present and Future. How did it get here? How long is it going to be here? What is it actually? What is so special about it?

Pick up anything. Pick up a pen.

Just a simple pen that writes right?

A simple pen
A simple pen

But let’s look at it more carefully and see what it has alright.

Vastness Of Objects

The pen has:

  • a cover,
  • a pipe to hold ink,
  • some colored ink,
  • a metal object to hold a tiny rolling iron ball,
  • a click mechanism to access the ink roller,
  • … and some more details maybe?

Now can you imagine where did all the necessary ingredients for our simple pen came from? Each item had to be carefully engineered to make one pen. Can you imagine the complexity of Physics involved here? Can you imagine how many people were involved in making this simple pen? Can you imagine that those people have a family and maybe are alive somewhere in this world living their lives like you? The materials used to create the pen, where did all that come from? Many of the materials must have traveled around the world to become a part of that pen. Where will all of that go after you are done with it?

Can you imagine the potential of this simple pen?

Do you think it has the potential to change the course of the future? What can it write and what not? Can it play a part in bringing joy to the lives of billions of people of the planet? Or will that write plans of destruction?

Just a simple object as this pen has such vastness. It’s existence is rooted way back in the past, inter-related and inter-mingled with the existence of billions of other beings, both living and dead. It has the power to make huge impact in the future. Now look around you again.

Can you imagine the vastness of every objects that is here?