On How To Find Truth

“Truth can not be given to you by somebody, you have to discover it.” – J.K. Krishnamurti

You woke up inside a bright room with beautiful windows. You know the time now is day time because of the light coming from the window. You are enjoying this light joyfully.

Suddenly you hear your phone ringing. You pick it up and see it’s from an unknown number and you answer.

A Beautiful Room
A Beautiful Room


“Hi. This is an important message just for you.”

“Yes. What’s it about?”

“Did you know that you have been fooled?”

“Fooled? What do you mean?”

“Well, right now you are believing that this is a day time. But that’s not the truth. It’s actually night time. The light that you are seeing which is coming from the window, is an artificial light set up to fool you and not the real sunlight!”


This was a simple scenario which has now confused your mind. You have been believing one thing and suddenly your whole belief system has now started to shake.

What is the truth and how do you discover it? How do you find truth about anything?

You have a few choices:

  1. Disregard that phone call as a lie, a prank of some sort and continue believing what you have always believed in.
  2. Give up your current belief entirely and now create a new belief that the time of the day is in fact night time.
  3. Inquire and find it out for yourself!

Which is the right approach?

So, how should you really find the truth?

Should you keep believing in what you have been conditioned to believe in as the truth?

Or should you believe in anything that any authority throws at you even if that shakes your conditioned mind?

If you simply take what I am giving you, will you know the reality for yourself? Will it not be merely just another belief for you?

See, the point is that you have to find it for yourself.




Go beyond your belief system.

That’s how you shall find the truth!