-) Project Manager is responsible for developing, in conjunction with the Project Sponsor, a definition of the project.

  • Understanding business needs and gathering requirements
  • Identifying risks during development prior to development start phase
  • Creating/maintaining a detailed project plan

-) The Project Manager then ensures that the project is delivered on time, to budget and to the required quality standard (within agreed specifications).

  • Ensure proper funding
  • Ensure proper resources hired
  • Create time schedules and estimation

-) The Project Manager is also responsible for managing the work of consultants, allocating and utilizing resources in an efficient manner and maintaining a co-operative, motivated and successful team.

  • Monitor Progress
  • Managing risks and issues during development
  • Managing training if required
-) Co-ordinate with end users and team
  • Report progress to sponsors constantly
  • Status reports
  • Manage training for end user
Last modified: September 14, 2018