Running Scripts Larger than 200 MB size in MySQL

This is a workaround for running a script from a very large file that you want to use to create/modify your database in MySQL.
After searching for possible workarounds, the easiest one that I found is to use a third-party tool called dbForge Studio for MySql. 

“dbForge Studio is a universal MySQL GUI tool that enables MySQL developers and administrators to create and execute queries, develop and debug MySQL routines, automate MySQL database object management in the convenient environment, and many others.”
More info on dForge Studio at:

When you download this tool, make sure to download the Professional version which is a trial version instead of the Express (free version). Express version doesn’t support running files larger than 50 MB size.

Once you have dbForge Studio installed, connect to the database that you want to run the script for. Then, open your script file from File menu command. If the file bigger than 50 MB, then you will receive a message asking whether you want to execute the script directly instead of opening. Choose yes and the script will be executed at once.