Should I Shut Down My Facebook?

From it’s inception in 2004 to the present day, Facebook has been constantly growing it’s user base at an amazing rate. While it took about 8 years to reach it’s first billion users, within just another 5 years, it has managed to double this size. Facebook has now become the first ever social media platform to reach over 2 billion active users.

That means 26% of the world is on Facebook as of this year 2017!

Facebook's Growth
Facebook’s Growth Rate. Source: Statistica
Comparison of Users on Social Media
Comparison of Users on Social Media. Source: TechCrunch

At the current rate, it seems Facebook could reach the entire planet within another 15-20 years. However, despite it’s constant growth of active users, there is also another growth of people who are actively seeking to escape Facebook.

In this article, I have written about some of the popular reasons that have inspired many people to quit Facebook. I have also shared my own view on it at the end.

So, in no particular preference of order, here are:

Popular Reasons For Quitting Facebook


1. Facebook Isn’t Interesting Anymore

A lot of people, specially the young folks, are no longer attracted by Facebook’s features anymore.

The same old features of being able to upload photos, see friend’s profiles, writing comments and messages have becoming boring. Many other platforms easily support these features as they have become quite basic. Other platforms like Snapchat and Instagram have become more appealing to them because of their newer features.

Furthermore, as even the older folks are on Facebook these days, teenagers and young crowds want to escape out in search of freedom to privately share their crazy lifestyle with their close friends only.

2. Randomness Of The News Feed

The randomness of the News Feed on Facebook is definitely one of the most important reason for people, specially the ones who are conscious of their emotions, to avoid Facebook.

As we can notice, if we look at any 5-6 posts on a sequence, the message of theĀ  content fluctuates drastically as there is no control over it. One post could be about your friend enjoying a dinner at a restaurant and the very next post could be about animal rights abuse. The next post could about crisis in Syria and the next one could a funny troll video on Trump.

This randomness obstructs natural expression of human emotions. The sudden dilution of feelings can lead to serious psychological problems. This is definitely something that needs to be addressed.

If you are Mark Zuckerberg then you should definitely do something about this randomness if you want to make sure your users live a healthy life.

3. Break Ups

Yes, you read it right, “Break ups” are one of the many popular reasons people quit Facebook.

When people fall in love, they share their moments and experiences spent together on Facebook. The expressions of Love appear beautiful in photos. But when the same couple breaks up, the same photos become a nightmare. The moments shared together, those Likes and those Comments from the relatives and friends, everything becomes a nightmare. Just too much to handle!

The best way out is to close the Facebook altogether.

4. Forming Unconscious Habits

Many people have found Facebook to be quite addictive and a waste of time.

Facebook Addiction
Facebook Addiction

People find themselves aimlessly watching videos and scrolling the contents of their feed when they are on Facebook. Liking every other posts, reading articles and watching videos that they had no interest in or intention of reading/watching otherwise. From sitting on the toilet seat to seating on the bus seat, the favorite past time has become Facebook.

Furthermore, with the ability to respond at will i.e. commenting on posts or replying to messages whenever oneĀ  prefers, Facebook has become a platform where people actually practice anti-socialism .

See what happens in a real world is if someone says “Hello” to you, you reply back automatically or at least instantly. But on Facebook, you prefer to keep the message in “Unseen” status to give an illusion that you haven’t been able to get on Facebook recently.

Many people have become fed up after over-using the platform and so to avoid their own addiction, they are escaping out of Facebook.

5. Just A Marketing Platform

Many of the businessmen these days are on Facebook just to market their products. Of course if you can reach over 2 billion people, why not promote your product here?

There are in fact many different kinds of product advertisements that are bombarded to our minds through Facebook. We hardly see our friend’s posts these days. Facebook Ads, Boosted Posts and Suggested Posts pop up after every third or fourth post on the News Feed. On top of that, many of these posts are full of fake news!

Oh my god, did I really sign up for this?

So, Is Facebook Really Good, Bad Or Ugly?

What is Facebook?

Even with all of it’s great social media features and functionalities, at the end of the day, Facebook is fundamentally nothing but a tool for humans to use, a technological tool. Now, by nature, is any tool good, bad or ugly?

Say you were hammering down a nail on the wall with a hammer and you accidentally hit your finger with it. In that painful moment, you curse that hammer but do you quit hammering for the rest of your life? Is the hammer good or bad? Of course if you start using that hammer on everything that you see around, breaking things and breaking people’s heads, then that hammer becomes a problem. But if you make the right use of the hammer, it becomes a great tool to use.

It’s the same with every tool that we see around; if we make the right use of it, it becomes a wonderful resource.

So, in my opinion, like most of the things in life, moderation is the key which should be used to open the doors of Facebook also. Despite it’s potential threats from misuse, the right use of it can become a great tool for us to reach billions of people around the planet. It could even be a platform to practice mindfulness in all of it’s chaotic posts.