The World Is My True Friend

Imagine that the world is your true friend, your best friend, someone you have been playing around with from your childhood.

Every living entity of it.

Your family, friends, relatives, co-workers and managers. Any person you see daily on the streets,  any person you do your business with. The large industrialists and the local shop owners. The beggars on the streets and the beggars of the political parties and our brave leaders too. The government and its service men and women. The celebrities, the rich and the poor. The educated and the wise ones and the disabled ones. The freaks and the freaked. Each and every one.

Every person you have met and also those that you haven’t yet.

Imagine all of them are your true friends.

How does it feel?

I can hear your say:

“But why? Are you crazy?”

“It’s impossible to feel that way, specially when there are so many bad people living in the world.”

“Not those immigrants! They are not my friends.”

“Why does it matter?”

So what good do we get with this mind set?

Well, let’s start by observing how we feel when we are around our true friends; our best friends.

1. Fear Of Authority Disappears

Fear of authority is all around us.

Fear of Authority
Fear of Authority

In the school, students fear their teachers and their seniors. At the work place, employees fear their managers. At home, the teenager fears his parents. In the public, people fear policemen. At the temples and churches, they fear the priests and the religious leaders. In a foreign land, aliens fear the natives.

It’s important to realize that while the authority does deserve a form of respect, it is not something to be feared of. When we have the fear of authority lurking, it is impossible to have any creative form of communication. It will simply be a one way channel from the authority as the listener can not speak out his thoughts willingly.

Now, if we viewed the authority as our best friend, what happens?

You are no longer afraid of any forms of authority. Why fear your best friends? You treat them with respect but if you feel that they are not doing their jobs properly, you go out to them and tell them what’s wrong. After all, the authority is your friend; you care about her and you will guide her when needed and you treat her as an actual human. The relationship strengthens and definitely something creative comes out of it.

Isn’t it?

2. Become Happier Everywhere You Go

Happy friends
Being happy with friends

The world and our everyday life-style is competitive and stressful. People are running around unconsciously on auto-pilot mode. There is little time to care for another being. Most of the people around are just trying to sell you something, to use you and to make that money off of you.

Naturally, living with this mindset, we feel alert and cautious. We feel safe and happy only in the presence of family and good friends. So, happiness is confined to only a few places; at your home with family, you comfort zones, or at the bar drinking with friends. The rest of the places, you just stay on your guard.

To lead a really happy life, it demands to change this mind set of confined happiness.

3. Love Flows Naturally

When you have the attitude that the world is your friend, you become a loving person towards your fellow human beings. You no longer feel the need to be hateful or resentful. Maybe someone made a mistake, but that’s fine. Why carry the burden of hating that person around?

So you become a loving person.

At the same time, you also become a caring person. In your daily businesses, do you want to cheat on your friends? Will you count 5 apples but secretly sell 4?

No. So you will naturally become a loving and caring person.

4. Become Healthier And Wealthier

A happy life is a healthy life. Health grows by default by that continuous dose of happiness coming from the viewpoint of “World is my true friend”. But how does the wealth grow?

Well, with this attitude, the doors of opportunities become infinite.

Because you will have better relationships with people, your connections will grow drastically. You will find that you have people to support you all around you.

Your creative energy and productivity blossoms in a fearless environment.

Furthermore, as love and happiness are contiguous, people will come to do business with you more and more often!

People in the park
People in the park

But what about the evil?

Yes there is evil in the world.

Different people have different motivations and aspirations in life. Some are motivated by love and some by greed and lust. Hence, some let their moral ethics dictate their lives while others are busy running their evil minds.

Again, there are different shades of evil as well. Some are mild and some are really a pain the a**. Some are so corrupted that they can make living miserable for others.

“Do they deserve to be our friends? Don’t they deserve just hatred?”, one might ask.

Before jumping to answer this, let’s shed some light on evil.  It is important to realize that fundamentally every human is the same and is capable of becoming a compassionate and loving human. People are not born evil but they are conditioned to become one because of their surrounding. We have heard many stories of criminals having a change of heart. There is even a famous story in the Buddhist texts of Angulimala, a ruthless serial killer turning into a wise sage.

So, yes, we can consider even the evil ones as our true friends.

Does this mind set change the world into a better place?

Can we change our world into a good one with the mind set of “World is my true friend“?

Well, it will not change the world right away with just a a single thought, however, this will definitely plant the seeds for a kinder world. Whenever you encounter an evil person in your life who deserves nothing but hatred, you will deal with him with Love. In your heart, you know that the person is your long lost friend who has lost his way. So instead of completely wiping out his existence, you try to create opportunities for him to grow into a kind being.

Even your hateful act, with a touch of love, can act as a possibility for evil to change into love.

Why limit to just humans then?

Why limit the ability of friendliness to just humans? The animals are your true friends too.

Every animal that wanders this earth, every creature that swims across the seas and oceans, every bird and insect that breathes, all of them are your true friends. Even the plants and the trees, they are your friends as well.

Everything that animates.

Imagine all of them are your true friends.

How does it feel?