What To Do When You Do Not Know What To Do

Not knowing what to do is one of the most fundamental problem that humans face. It seems that out of all the living creations of the world, only we humans have to face this problem of identifying what one should do in life or simply what to do in the next moment.

All the animals are doing what they should be doing comfortably or at least they are comfortable with not knowing what to do. They eat when they are hungry, sleep when they feel like sleeping, play and procreate as they feel like. They eat, prey (not pray) and do what they love and live without dealing with the thought of “what to do next“.

We humans have tremendous sources for comfort and pleasure as compared to the folks from the animal kingdom and yet we are the ones who feel like lacking a sense of purpose and direction in life.

Confused Signpost
Confused Signpost

Pain Of Not Knowing What To Do

“I want to become a doctor to take care of the poor people in the villages.”

“I will become an engineer and create wonderful bridges.”

“I want to visit Kalinchowk this weekend.”

“I wish to do so and so ….”

Very few people (those lucky ones), know exactly what they want to do with their life from an early age. They follow their dreams deliberately and live joyfully. Following dreams and achieving them brings a great deal of satisfaction to us.

As knowing what to do and doing it brings a great sense of joy in life, similarly not knowing brings a sense of pain and sorrow in our hearts. The confusion can be frustrating. Feeling of incompetence, regret and even guilt can arise from not knowing and not being able to do what one should be doing.

So what to do when you do not know what to do?


If there is one tip that I have for the people who are feeling stuck because of not knowing what to do in life, then it is definitely this:

Stop doing the things that you know you should NOT be doing.

Yes, stop doing those things which you know in your heart are just utter waste of time.

Pick any one or three of your habits that you frequently do and stop doing them right away. If you are not sure about which habit to pick, here is a list of 283 bad habits which are listed in different categories like health, productivity, finance etc. that you can start off with.

Identify a habit. The uglier it is, the better. Quit it.

If you think your habits are impossible to get rid of, you can find tons of resources on how to let go of the old and sticky habits. Do what it requires to break those habits but make sure you stop doing the things that you should not be doing.

But How Does This Solve The Problem?

One might wonder,

How can I go from not knowing what to do to knowing what to do from not doing the things that I should not be doing?

What To Do: From Inaction To Action
What To Do: From Inaction To Action

Einstein have famously quoted,

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

When you stop doing the things that you have been doing all along, this cessation creates a space for new things to prosper in your life. The act of not doing futile and harmful things brings about a space for a new way of looking at things; a space to have different perspective of life.

Without space can we grow anything?

So, the foremost thing to do is stop doing.

Next TIP

Okay, so you believe you have run out of habits to let go of but you are still unsure of what to do? Here’s another tip for your situation:

Focus on what NEEDS to be done rather than what you WANT to do.

Yes, too many times we are merely wanting more and more action in life but not actually acting on what needs to be done. You could be wasting your divine energy on futility.

So look around and see where you need to pay more attention.

In your home, family and relationships, or at work, see where you have been missing out on life. You might realize that there is more to do than what you can possibly do.

The idea of not knowing what to do could merely be your inability to see what can be done.

Want More Action?

So you don’t really like the idea of doing what needs to be done for some reason. That’s fine. Here’s is another tip for you.

Get Involved In Some Artwork

Life doesn’t have to be a constant struggle to achieve something. You can make it more enjoyable by simply directing your energy towards Art.

Art is fun. Art is divine.

Singing, poetry, writing, dancing, cooking, talking, riding, heck anything! You can practice art in anything you do. Who knows you might find your passion and purpose in one of these artworks?

Last Tip

If you are still not sure what you should/would/want to do, here’s one last tip for you.

Look Around For Action

Look around for people who are doing great and/or interesting things and ride along in their footsteps. You do not have to start your journey from scratch. You can learn and get motivated from people who are actually living a great life.

Replicate what others have been doing around the world or simply part-take in things that people are already doing. When you don’t have a battle of your own to fight, fight for the battles that others are fighting for. Help others who are fighting for a good cause in their struggles and efforts.

Don’t just sit, read and think.

Get up and act!